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Why Marvelmind

Robot does the job

Marvelmind Robot v100 does only one type of job, but does it very well. It reliably and predictably delivers its cargo from point A to point B (C, D, E and farther).


We really love when our customers enjoy our products. It is much easier to enjoy a robot that doesn't cost you a fortune.

Easy to use

When the robot is intuitively simple and logical, it's a pleasure to use. We strive for that feeling and are eager to share it with you in all of our products.

Worldwide presence

With our unique Precise (±2cm) Indoor "GPS" we have customers in 50+ countries. We are now happy to offer the Autonomous Delivery Robot v100 to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Be sure to visit our support forums for answers to your questions!

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